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Earthtech Developers

Earthtech Developers, LLC is an open shop sitework company specializing in full tilt site development.  Earthtech Developers, LLC. self-performs core sitework components such as mass grading, water, sanitary, storm installation, subgrade prep, aggregate base course installation, fine grading and seeding, and erosion control installation. To provide a full service sitework project, Earthtech Developers, LLC utilizes full time project managers to manage subcontracted scopes of work such as mass land clearing, concrete and curb work, landscaping, and asphalt paving. Utilizing a work breakdown structure consisting of a sitework superintendent and a jobsite foreman ensures every project has the correct level of representation and skill. 

Meet The Team

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Aaron Bower, Member, earned a B.S. Civil Engineering from Clarkson University and a Certificate of Horticulture from Niagara County Community College. Aaron Bower leads the team in Finance, Project Management, and Estimating and applies his 7 years of experience as a lead estimator and project manager in site construction to bidding and managing projects.

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Ryan Diehl, Member, has 20 years of field experience constructing civil projects and 10 years of experiences as a jobsite foreman. Ryan Diehl has the capabilities necessary to run successful proejcts. He leads the company as sitework superintendent coordinating means and methods of construction and day-to-day work schedules. With countless field references from inspectors, construction managers, and owners, Ryan can resonate with everyone involved in a project which allows Earthtech Developers, LLC. to be successful on any job.


Company Culture and Relationships Always First

Our mission is clear. Together we will change the way the construction industry views company culture, vendor relations, and client relationships. By building strong relationships with employees, subcontractors, and clients, Earthtech Developers, LLC will build a team that is unmatched by any other company in construction. In an industry where employee turnover is notoriously high, we are seeking to ask what we can do for our people to ensure they have the best working conditions and the best chance to succeed. Creating a company culture that makes the office staff and field staff want to come to work is essential. With focus on mental care and self-care we can give all the tools necessary for employees to operate at a high level, all the while still leaning on the hard work ethics and grit of a blue collar workforce. We will break the attitude that all construction offices are dirty and prove you can operate like a professional corporate company. People continuously enter the construction field thinking that it is their passion. Sometimes after a few months or years of work they realize that it is not their passion. We are going to surround ourselves with individuals with a great desire to work in construction. In doing so we will not discourage employees who realize that construction is not there passion instead we are going to create a company where all employees can come to upper management to help them advance in their career regardless if that means leaving the company or the industry. It is our goal to better the lives of every employee that walks through the door. Financial gain for the owners should be a by-product of good culture, and a testament to high level thinkers, it should not be a demand from owners.

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